Projects and works made

Salka en la tierra de nadie

Salka In the no man's land

“Salka In the no man's land” is a feature film that ficciona the reality on the migration and the situation of the woman in Mauritania through a trip on board of the train of the desert, bordeando the border among Mauritania and the Western Sahara.... The called “No man's land”.
Nuevo proyecto de cortometraje: FLORES CIEGAS

New project of short film: BLIND FLOWERS

A very positioned woman economically feels trapped, although resignada, in his familiar core by the bullying to the that his husband has it subjected. A trip in the haphazard metre in which it sees surrounded of people of all type while it receives some calls to his mobile, of his husband and his friend, will do him take consciousness.


Ay el Chacho sí que sabe

Ay The Chacho himself that knows

Surrealist fiction that shows the life of a numerous family that lives in the outskirts of a small village. The history although framed in an oneiric world can repeat in any place.


Trip in the time by the professional life of the correspondent of war, photographer and writer Christine Spengler, through the main bellicose conflicts until his work but current like artist
Balada triste de los Clash

Sad ballade of the Clash

A man and a youngster argue acidly, what will do them stir up a tortuous past, that although it look to separate them, also maintains them joined...


Pedro a boy of 12 years has to visit cientos of kilometres by a bit of water for his mother Isabel; in his distance rememorará the event that sucede in his village each six months
The Electric Chair

The Electric Chair

Julio, after reading in a cut of newspaper that a North American convict to die in the electrical chair is indultado after surviving to two downloads, empeña in emulating his feat - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat