Rosa Thin Leyva and Susana Campoy Alonso, partners founders of Cosersinhilo Productions and Distributions S.L

Cosersinhilo productions S. L created in Barcelona (Spain) as a result of the realisation of the short film "Ay the chacho himself that knows" (2017),our first work.

Fruit of the result of a sleep of three friends when we were students of art, cinema or theatre. And as we believe in the birds that have in the head, decide to launch us to the abyss. Susana Campoy Alonso, economist employer and actress, the one who embodies the character of Antonia in the Chacho, assumed the direction of the producer. Berta Xirinachs i Codina, multidisciplinary artist and visual poet, went the artistic director and one of the three pillars iniciáticos of ours first film. The another pillar is Pink Thin Leyva, screenwriter and director of the short film, the one who assumes functions of communication, scripts, projects and other a lot of appearances shared, as the one of the distribution, beside Susana Campoy Alonso.

Another figure that added in extremis to direct the production of our short, afterwards that other producers abandoned consecutively the project one behind the another, is Susana of Kills it, the one who in the actuality forms part of the squad of Cosersinhilo with punctual collaborations.

Rosa Thin Leyva, Susana of Kills it Serrano, Berta Xirinachs i Codina, Susana Campoy Alonso
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